Tangerine is pop + rock n roll band consisting of Miro Justad, Toby Kuhn, and Marika Justad. Originally from Seattle, Tangerine are currently writing and recording their next project at their new home in Los Angeles.  



“Masked under the playful riffs is a greater sense of restlessness…there’s something gentle and easy about the way they face the metaphorical unknown.“  SHE SHREDS


While Tangerine have been termed ‘slacker pop’, these songs are ultra-refined and mindful. This is fast-faced, polished pop driven by intricate patterns and shifting tempos…it all flashes past until the title track closes the record on a more downbeat tone, with flanged guitars leading the way out. ‘the world is still a bright and novel place / we still get anxious, it still feels like a phase’ Miro and Marika sing, acknowledging the lingering tension between freedom and the fears that ride on it." — IMPOSE MAGAZINE


on the “Sugar Teeth” EP: “The band’s music has been characterized as surf pop, but has hints of R&B and good-natured ‘80s New Wave rock. The title track of this smartly-produced, four-song Ep features Marika Justad’s breathy, sexy vocal floating in a bath of atmospherically reverbed guitar. ‘Sunset,’ a hard-driving, eight-to-the-bar rocker, features a warbling hook brilliantly tossed back and forth as a guitar line…Nice writing! ‘Tender’ twangs and ‘Wild at Heart’ sneaks in a twinkling, Afro-pop guitar line. This band has legs.”  THE SEATTLE TIMES (PRINT)


“you know how before you get your drivers’ license, you fantasize about the moment when you can blow out of the DMV parking lot en route to a drive-thru…while blasting one very essential song that represents all the fun you’re about to have behind the wheel? Meet Tangerine, whose music would be just perfect for that moment.“  ROOKIE MAG

on “Sunset: “the song opens with a grumbling bassline before layers of airy and distorted guitars ring out. Then whimsical, shouting vocals jump to the forefront before we hear from the guitars again on a delightfully freewheeling chorus.delightfully freewheeling…Tangerine’s translation of feeling is superb.“  STEREOGUM


on “You’ll Always Be Lonely”: “It’s a gorgeous, gold-flecked reminder that love is pain and all relationships fail. “you’ll never come over”, croons Marika, sweetly delivering a bitter pill.“   NOISEY VICE


“Tangerine make sweet melodies that nod to ‘60s pop and a little to R&B (original and latterday varieties- no, seriously), guitar solos that are models of economy and lots of bashing, crashing drums. it’s dreamy lovely, stuff, with enough polish and gloss to attract non-indie fans."  GUARDIAN


"Seattle’s Tangerine have cast themselves in the same mold as Swearin’ and Speedy Ortiz…the band know how to let rip, tearing through their ‘Pale Summer’ EP with the kind of energy Best Coast would love to recapture"  NME


"You’re thinking 60s, right? The 60s NEVER sounded like this, nothing sounded like this. Everything- the guitar fading back through, the plaintive edge to the lead vocal. The solid, never grating drum beat. The slightly abrasive, playful guitar solos: the fade to purple- tell everyone."  EVERETT TRUE


"Frontwoman Marika Justad sings with just a sprinkle of sass, as she teases her way through romantice lines like ‘say anything/it;s you and me’…If you like indie-pop at all, you will eat this up.”  MTV BUZZWORTHY


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